What do parents and campers have to say?

“This camp really allowed me to not feel so alone with OCD. Staff and others were amazing.” –  24 y/o camper

“OCD camp was one the best investments of time and money to take a big step forward in fighting OCD. The staff were absolute saints – such role models of loving, caring, knowledgeable, and empathic therapists – willing to follow your lead in how hard you want to fight OCD. The participants were such a gift too – their honesty and vulnerability gave me strength to fight my obsessions. I am walking away with new tools, a better understanding of my illness, renewed hope and courage, and friends in the battlefield. – 30 y/o camper

It was exciting and fun to be not only with other kids but meeting ones with OCD.  Ropes and challenges were awesome and fun.  I liked eating pizza (it was tasty) with lots of toppings.
– 15 y/o Camper

“Camp DCO will push you past limits you thought were impossible. The supportive environment will help you achieve your goals.” – 37 y/o camper

My favorite thing about Camp DCO were the counselors because they were so supportive and caring, and also the other campers, because we were able to get along so well.  I really enjoyed my camp experience and would do it all again.
– 18 y/o Camper

“Being around others that deal with the same obsessions helped me normalize and confront my OCD and not feel not so alone.” – 35 y/o camper

It was reassuring to hear about other families facing similar issues
– Parent who attended parent seminar

(The parent seminar) was a very safe, knowledgeable, and supportive experience – it gave a sense of calmness in offering hope as well as a long-term perspective.
– Parent who attended parent seminar

Very interesting to attend.  Meeting other parents and sharing info., plus having all this info. in one place was helpful.
– Parent who attended parent seminar

I liked meeting other teens with OCD.  It helped me a lot with exposure.  Camp DCO is excellent!
– 13 y/o Camper