Dates & Info

2020 Dates & Details

Friday August 14 to Sunday August 16, 2020

Ages/type of campers:
Adults ages 18 and up (the next teen 13-17 y/o program will be run in 2021)

Program location:
Snohomish, WA

Application process: Please contact us after May 1, and we will schedule a video screening – if the program seems to be a good fit then we will secure a slot.  Our enrollment process is on a first come first served basis, starting with contacts made on May 1, 2020.

What is included:
Our program provides food and tents for the entire weekend. Campers will need to provide a sleeping bag, sleeping pad, all-weather clothing, a small backpack, comfortable shoes suited for a 4-5 mile hike, and a water bottle. A detailed list of what to bring will be included in your acceptance packet.

Parent Seminar: (none since it’s an adult year)

Cost: Donation based.  Our goal is to make this program accessible to as many as possible. Our costs (facilities, food, etc.) come to about $400 per camper given we have 8 campers). All management and therapeutic staff are volunteers.